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Reasons to Have Vanuatu Offshore Bank Accounts (Corporate and Individual)

Why Is Opening an Offshore Company in Vanuatu

Why Is Opening an Offshore Company in Vanuatu

Reasons to Have Vanuatu Offshore Bank Accounts (Corporate and Individual)


This blog is perfect for individuals, or people who represent corporations, who want their money to grow in leaps and bounds.  Read all about how tax-free Vanuatu has become THE PLACE to go to have that happen.  It will explain all the benefits of opening an offshore bank account, either individual or corporate, in Vanuatu.  Allow us to continue.

Where is Vanuatu Located?

It comprises a group of 83 islands in the Southern Pacific Ocean and is situated between Hawaii and Australia.  It is a beautiful  place to go for an incredible vacation.  Anyone who does so will have a splendid time.  However, Vanuatu has become much more than that.  It is now a haven for investors from the corporate world as well as individuals.  Why?  What are some benefits of this?  That is what we shall discuss now.

Significant Benefits of an Offshore Bank Account Here

One huge benefit is its disdain for regulations.  Vanuatu government officials set out to be different from many other countries.  They did not like regulations.  Therefore, potential investors will find very few of them.  To go along with that, there is the privacy factor.  Investors are not required to divulge personal information about themselves or their company.  People love that.

The other extremely big one is that nobody is mandated to pay any taxes.  Not personal taxes, nor corporate taxes.  This results in two significant perks.  One is the amount of money saved by NOT paying taxes.  The other is, because that money is saved, there is more of it to collect interest on.  Who could want more than that?

More Advantages of This

There is far greater flexibility as far as who can put their money into a Vanuatu bank account.  Local and international persons are welcome.  As we already mentioned, it is also open to businesses and individual persons.  If you plan to open up a business in Vanuatu in addition to a bank account, you shall have much more opportunities to obtain wealth.

Another way in which this becomes flexible is your choice of residence.  You can choose to have yourself and/or your company take up residence here.  If you want to live in Vanuatu or have a branch of your firm here, you are welcome to do so.  However, this is NOT a requirement.  You may choose to be located anywhere on the planet and just visit once in a while, or whatever suits your fancy.  The choices are yours.

Exploring the Privacy Factor

What does this mean?  Earlier in this blog, we spoke of how privacy is a big perk of opening a bank account in Vanuatu.  Let’s expand on that.  This virtual tax Heaven is known worldwide for its bank account secrecy.  Because investors are not mandated to reveal personal or corporate pieces of information, they can remain secret.  That includes details of bank accounts.  People never have to worry that “prying eyes” will be able to gain this information.  Therefore, all the money in the accounts is completely safe.  What a deal that is!

Opening an Offshore Company in Vanuatu

If you represent a company looking to launch, or open another branch office, this is the perfect place to do so.  Of course you will need a bank account.  You can rest easy knowing both the company and the bank account are going to enjoy the same benefits.  The tax advantages, the privacy factor, and the flexibility all apply to a company too.  This goes hand-in-hand with the banking perks.  So, why would you NOT want to invest in Vanuatu?

How to Proceed

Now that you would like to open a bank account in Vanuatu, the first thing to do is find a firm who can get you started.  It must be a firm who knows the laws and all the steps to proceed.  You can begin with the firm whose website is connected with this blog.  A firm’s knowledge of all things Vanuatu is key.  It is evident this company has that knowledge.  Contact them today and see how fast you become wealthy!

Trade Board Limited can help with all your Vanuatuan official business.  Register a company, register a ship, apply for citizenship, etc.  See our website at https://tradeboard.biz.

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